Deep Mountain Maple

Maple Marinara Sauce, 16oz.

16oz.  Our friends (and Greenmarket neighbors) at City Saucery joined forces with us to bring you this sweet and savory tomato sauce that is sure to rock your taste buds.  Fresh overripe tomatoes cooked with our own Vermont maple syrup, red onions and garlic creates a deliciously rich blend that will carry you through to spring.  [INGREDIENTS: tomatoes, red onions, pure maple syrup, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, sea salt.]

I can hear you asking: What do I do with this?  We've been cooking it up with all manner of pasta shapes, in a kabocha and hot sausage lasagne, in a warm-spiced shakshuka with chickpea waffles, and we love a dollop on top of a bowl of cheesy polenta with scallions and chili oil.